Monday, May 14, 2012

Build a custom App list with #edtech

An Apple professional development instructor recently shared this tool with me:

You download a small client from their site and install it on your computer.  It scans your iTunes library for apps, and then lets you pick which ones you want to share.  It then publishes a webpage for you with all of those apps listed.  Each app has the logo, a brief summary, and the pricing information from iTunes.  And each app has a clickable link that takes you right to the store to download the app.

This is a quick and easy way to share app lists.  I can see it being really handy for appy hours (find out more about appy hours from @computerexplore at   The moderator of the appy hour could share out app menus through this tool (it wouldn't be as fancy as some of the menus I've seen, but it would have all the info they need).  And users could exchange lists themselves.  Take a look at what the list looks like below: