Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thoughts on the Google Pixel

Google Pixel
As I read the news about the Google Pixel announcement it seemed that there was a lot of focus on the price of the device ($1299-1499).  I don't think evaluating this device on price is the right angle at all!

When I was first reading about it, the first thing I focused in on was the touch integration announcement.  ChromeOS just added touch integration! Seriously!  No, there isn't a full keyboard, but the touch integration is there with gestures.  This paves the way for a whole new set of devices running ChromeOS!  And with the Chromebook partners picking up speed, there is a lot of potential here.

Combine that thought with the physical specifications and design of the Pixel.  It is almost so impressive it is scary.  Apple's prized possession of late has been their screens.  First on the iPhone and iPad screens.  With the inclusion of the Retina display on the MacBooks this year they continued that trend.  However, Google just took Apple's lunch money and put them on notice with the Pixel display!

The Google Pixel has a 12.85" screen running at 2560 x1700.  It has a Intel i5 processor (1.8ghz), and 4GB of ram.  Throw in a ChromeOS with touch integration and you have a pretty major statement.  Google just proved they can package the same high quality hardware (designed with software in mind), with all the advantages of a web based ChromeOS.


Imagine where we go from here...  :)