Thursday, November 3, 2011

iOS Management Webinar #edtech

Carl Hooker (@mrhooker) and I did a presentation on iOS management at our Fall TECSIG meeting a couple of weeks ago. Tim Holt (@timholt2007) talked us into doing this same presentation as a webinar using Adobe Connect.

Tim was kind of enough to archive this webinar for us and you can find it here:

You need flash in order to view the archive, but as long as you use a flash enabled browser (like Photon) you can still view the archive on an iPad. :)

Carl does the first half of the webinar and talks about how his district managed their processes and decision making while embarking on their 1:1 initiative with iPads. In the second half of the webinar I talk about how we have managed our shared cart model with iPads. I also cover the details of the VPP program and how App licensing works.

You can also find some detailed notes that Sandy Kendell (@edtechsandyk) took during our TECSIG presentation here.

Storytelling - Dean Shareski

I had the pleasure of learning from Dean Shareski (@shareski) today at West Lake High School. He was discussing storytelling and how we have so many ways to tell a story these days. Below is the prezi he was working from: