Thursday, February 9, 2012

Living in an iWorld #TCEA2012

Here are the resources for my Living in an iWorld presentation.

Slides - Keynote / PPT

Apptivity Template

Apptivity Example

We are talking about iPad management from a cart perspective.  How the VPP works and how you can give your teachers more control over this.  I will also demo the use of an Apple TV and how you can use this to potentially replace an interactive white board.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What Content Are You Filtering? #TCEA2012

Here are the resources for my presentation today at TCEA2012.
I am presenting on Content Filtering and what the requirements of CIPA are.  Hopefully we will have a great discussion about what we are required to filter, and why we might think about the positive aspects of opening up certain types of content.  We will also discuss the need for teaching our students responsible use.  The shared notes is an editable google document that you can use to take live notes (and even ask questions) during the presentation.


Shared Notes (Google Doc)


Let me know what you think!